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The Hottest Types of Dresses for Prom

Le 18 avril 2014, 09:08 dans Humeurs 0

Now is the time to start searching for prom and homecoming dresses for 2014. Its nice to allow yourself plenty of time, so you can relax and enjoy checking out all those gorgeous dresses before you decide which one is going to be absolutely perfect. Start shopping now and check out the boldest styles. Here the newest and hottest looks from all the hottest types for your 2014 Prom! 


The high-low dress is one of the hottest trends on the market right now. This type dress is a asymmetrical dresses, depending on the shape or length, will not look good on all body types. If you can’t decide whether you want to go for a long, flowy dress or a short, flirty dress then go for the high-low dress. A unique design that not many will have the guts to wear. They also adorn any body type so you can be comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

prom dress

One shoulder prom gowns are another hot trend. These dresses are great for the girl who wants to add some flare to an otherwise regular dress. The strap on a one shoulder dress comes in various colors, but they are usually intricately embroidered to add special attention to the one shouldered element of the dress. They also provide more coverage than a strapless dress so you will not feel as exposed.

prom dress

Srapless prom dresses really stand out from the crowd. Strapless dresses tend to draw attention to the bust area and upper body, so this is why a toned upper body is ideal. The fit of the dress all depends on your bust size and the bra you choose, if any, to wear under it. These dresses actually look great on any body shape, but are best suited for those who have a toned upper body.

prom dress

The hottest 2014 wedding dresses

Le 28 mars 2014, 09:48 dans Humeurs 0

If you are a bride-to-be, are you preparing for your 2014 wedding now? Still hunting for a perfect 2014 wedding dresses style? The new trends in wedding dresses for 2014 are described as being timeless, classic, elegant, and romantic. Here are i collect several hottest 2014 wedding dresses from Dressdressy. 

1. Sweetheart Satin Asymmetrical Pick-Ups Wedding Dress 2014 wedding dress title=

2. Sheath/Column Sweetheart Chiffon Court Train Crystal Brooch Wedding Dress 2014 wedding dress title=

3. Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Organza Satin Court Train Tiered Wedding Dress 2014 wedding dress title=

4. Sheath/Column Sweetheart Elastic Woven Satin Court Train Ruffles Wedding Dress 2014 wedding dress title=

5. Trumpet/Mermaid Off-the-shoulder Lace Tulle Court Train Sashes / Ribbons Wedding Dress 2014 wedding dress title=

How to choose flower girl dresses

Le 12 mars 2014, 08:51 dans Humeurs 0

You’re wedding day is coming up soon and we bet you want your little flower girl to look just as good as you do!  When it comes to flower girl, most of the people are familiar with the little angles that are the token of purple love, new life, and next generation. The girls will wear beautiful affordable flower girl dresses to pull the long train of the brides, just imagine how warm and special this occasion will be! Trying to find the right dress at the right price can be challenging, Here are some useful tips about how to choose flower girl dresses.


What must you appear for if you are choosing a flower girl’s dress? Of course, you need her to coordinate with all the rest of the wedding party; having said that, she will not match the bridesmaids. White can be a traditional color for flower girl dresses; the flower girl could be the 1 particular person aside from the bride to be for whom white is regarded as a fantastic color around the wedding day. In the event you do choose white for the flower girl, consider accents inside a color to fit your other attendants’ dresses. One example is she will wear a white dress with a colored sash, shoes or pinafore. 

flower girl dress

No flower girl would feel like a princess without her flower girl dress. The flower girl can be dressed to match the bridesmaids or have an outfit all of her own. If your flower girl is quite young it is probably best to choose a dress more suited to her age. Make sure your little lady is comfortable in her dress and that if fits properly. The length is very important for fear she might trip while walking down the aisle if it is too long.


Cute little children just like to be around in a pair of couple beside little angel, with cute playful adds another wonderful for the wedding. The bride and groom wears a beautiful and exquisite dress, “little angel” who naturally need to dress beautifully. Beautiful flower girl dress set off with innocent smile, Innocence sprout atmosphere is exceptionally beautiful. Choose a lovely dress for your flower girl, let their lovely played most incisive, and make your wedding memorable and loving.

flower girl dress

where to get the affordable flower girl dresses? Here you have two choices, online shopping or purchasing in the real store. If you have an easy access to the measurements of the girls, you may try to get all the dresses online. For one thing, the dresses sold on line are pretty cheap and it is just a piece of cake for you to get cheap flower girl dresses under 100. If you choose to buy them in the store, the price will be much higher. White shirts, pants, and a small bow tie will be the best choice for flower boy, while for the girl, a princess dress will make her the beautiful angel.


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